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"Digital Divide" Video

Did you notice our new video? (see our Home Page) "Conquering the Digital Divide" was shown for the first time at No Homework Tonight on April 8, 2016. Here is the text of the voice over: Several years ago the Homework Central Board of Directors and our staff began talking about the digital divide that separates our low income Latino students from so many other students. What we found…and this information has been corroborated by the San Mateo Foster City School District…is that children from low income families who do not have a computer at home are often way behind in computer skills.  Computer proficiency and digital literacy are now required skills for success in school and, later, careers. How could Homework Central shorten the digital divide that separates our students form the rest of the student population?  Determined to find a way, we reached out to Oracle Corporation to help us purchase 38 Chromebook computers to be used at all of our sites. We chose Chromebooks because the school district uses the same technology and we can mirror some of what the students use at school. We also hired a Technology Coordinator who has set up an excellent program that is supervised by Site Coordinators and Paid Aids. The Chromebooks are stored so that they are fully charged and ready to use. Also, the Chromebooks have added some flexibility to each day. Our students can work towards academic achievement from the interactive apps on the Chromebooks or from the website enrichment programs. The students learn, typing, practice math and reading and gain skills in critical thinking and communication through the apps and games. The students log in and their time and activities are recorded in a digital point system. The students can redeem their points for little prizes. Technology is a critical component to our program and we are not stopping here. We intend to have roughly 100 computers and to expand the times these will be available to our students.

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