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HWC Welcomes Javier Ruiz as new Board of Director

We are pleased to welcome Javier Ruiz as our newest Board of Director.  

Javier Ruiz was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala until he moved to the U.S. for college with the help of a scholarship from the Walton International Scholarship Program.  Javier and his wife later moved to California in 2012 after spending four years in Monterrey, Mexico.  

Javier holds a M.Sc. degree in Automation and is an electrical engineer.  He currently works as a control and automation software consultant and helps technology companies accelerate their R&D and get their products to market.

In addition to his professional work, Javier is passionate about education, especially when it comes to technology.  In Javier’s words, “I believe education has made a tremendous difference in my life and professional career.  As a native from Guatemala, I am deeply inspired by Homework Central’s work in the mostly Hispanic community in San Mateo.  I believe that if we provide the tools and skills to these children, they will be able to come up with innovative and new solutions to solve many of the problems in the community.” Javier hopes to help the board expand the science and engineering programs offered to the community.

In his spare time, Javier is an avid yoga practitioner.

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