People help us on hard stuff. Sometimes you eat because you don’t eat at school. My favorite subjects are reading and playing games.

Karol, 4th grade student in first year at Homework Central

Our Mission

Fostering academic success
through tutoring and family support.

Our Vision

Homework Central assists children in developing their capacity to learn and achieve through tutoring, homework assistance and family support.

We believe that education is a critical component to building successful futures for children. As children enter elementary school and become students, socioeconomic and language barriers often challenge their educational capacity. Our community homework centers, staffed with caring volunteers, site coordinators and bi-lingual high school students work in partnership with teachers, principals and parents to help mitigate such barriers so that students can achieve proficiency and confidence in math, reading and writing. Our long-term goal is to help prepare our Homework Central students to be life-long learners.

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